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December 31, 2012366/366 - HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE! 
Woke up, excited!! Happy New years eve!
Woke up early to go to CJ’s house to finish dying christine’s hair.
Showered real quick, and headed to cuzzo’s house.
Arrived, and went to target to get hair dye.
Back at the house, started mixing and dyin.
During the break, Christine was doing my sister’s make up. DANG, glowin. 
Washed her hair and then did a second round.
During this break, christine did my make up.
OMG, I love how she has SOOO many freakin MAC stuff, and inglot!!
She was trying something new, I loved my make up!
Stopped by the dollar store to get a few things, then went back home.
Chilled for a bit, and then changed.
Left to cousin’s house for the new years party
Did my hair.
& then helped with decorations.
People started coming
Playing with the kiddies!
FINALLY time to eat!
continue later….

December 31, 2012

December 30, 2012365/366 - Cousin night!
woke up, showered, got ready for church!
No make upp! I’m starting to feel comfortable with that. No one to impress anyways!
Finally at church after missing how many weeks )=
Came home.
chillin, bored, ate some hot pockets.
Then went to mng lana’s house, and ate some corn beef and eggs.
Saw Jasiah! Daaang, rockin that cukui shirt! Haha
Stayed for a bit and then left.
Got ready, hecka transformed! Lol
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE the curl iron that delquan brought for me, my gosh!! thanks budday!!
Dying my cousins hair today! Ahhh!
Sid came!! ^_^
Stopped by mng lanies house to get the canon camera cause mng lana wanted Sid to take pictures of Jasiah for his party invitation ^_^
Then went to mng lana’s.
Yayy, Sid is officially cool with mng lana!
Then mng christine and cj came.
We were all there making jasiah happy! 
Messed with cj for a bit, hehe.
After the pictures, sid and lana was on the computer editing the photos.
Then sid and sistah left, I decided to stay to dye christines hair and spend time with the cousins since I’ll be seeing bro on the 2nd *smirk face
Chilling with the cousins for a bit, and then went to target with isa and christine to get hair dye!
Joseph called, talked on the phone with him cause he needed to let things out.
Went to a few stops, el pueblos for cabbage & christines house real quick.
Made Joseph talk to christine, lol.
"He was like ‘nooo! what are you doing?’" then I was like what do you mean what am I doing? LOL, freakin joseph.
Went back to lana’s house.
OooOOoOoUU, Lana’s boyfriend, Miguel said that his friend works for cheetos and gives them underground chips! The cheetos mix is SO GOOD!
Saved up my starvation waiting for fish tacos. Home made! Reallyyy good!! Thanks couscous! ^_^
Finally dying christines hair, a pretty long process.. Haha.
Her hair did get lighter!
While I was dying her hair, Isa was dying her hair too.
chatted and talking, listening to music and chillin in the bathroom.
While waiting for christines hair to set, we went to Jasiahs room, he was crying, so christine read him a story.
CJ came upstairs, and we started playing with jasiahs ball, it’s so cute when his little leg kicks the ball, haha. Ahhhh sdfblsdigflaifble!
Time for round 2 on christines hair!, and then sid and sis came.
She was hecka stalling. Lol! We had to be home by 10 :/… EVEN WITH FAMILY..
Vented with cj and christine about dad.. so sad..
Finished her hair! Left, had to do another session tomorrow.
Mom called asking us to get pizza hut.
stopped there, and talked to sid and sis about what I’ve been doing and they were telling me about their date.
Yay! Sis got me a chocolate kara cupcake! ^_^
Home, and gave sid some pizza. Said bye to brrooooo!
Back inside, washed up, knocked out.
Outfit of the day:- F21 knitted cardigan- F21 creme stud button up- black leggings- creme calve high socks- brown suede boots”- F21 gold necklace- F21 white/gold stud satchel- wavy curls- F21 floral earrings - MAC/benefit 

December 30, 2012
365/366 - Cousin night!

December 29, 2012364/366 - sweeeeeeet!
up texting joseph, wow. special nigga. lol
knocked out.
woke up, showered.
Ate pho with sis, and stopped by the dollar store.
Picked up mom from work,
and then my dad was in the mood to eat so we went out to get pho, but since me and my sis already had some, we wanted to get the rice and teriyaki. Really yummy, but i loooove saigon bay better!
stopped by mng christines house just to visit.
Mng randolph was there, and then mng lara mae came.
Mng christine put uno’s bearpaws on, HECKA cute! But it looked like he was galloping. lol.
chillin with the cousins.
Left cause we all had somewhere else to go.
And then went out with mom and sis.
Went to the mall real quick to check sales, and then stopped by subway for dad’s dinner and baskin robins, got a cake bite of red velvet, cookies and creme ice cream on a waffle cone, aaaaand a warm belgian waffle sundae, so good!!
came home, and ate a little bit of the subway, the flat bread isn’t bad(= But i still like italian herbs and cheese, but I wouldn’t mind getting flat bread again.
chillin, making some creative thangs.
Outfit of the day:- F21 black/white knit sweater- F21 navy blue trousers- black loafers- yellow scarf- straight hair- no make up. 

December 29, 2012
364/366 - sweeeeeeet!

December 28, 2012363/366 - "shoo-pow"
Staying up watching t.v
knocked out.
woke up, and sis was telling me that we’re going out cause it’s 12 and shes bored.
so we went to target, found a bubble umbrella!! It’s so cute! I seriously can’t wait to use it for rainy weather, bring it on rain, haha.
Stopped by eatridge real quick to check for a coin collector since we didn’t find out yesterday, there was nada.
Went to honey berry and got honey bread, heecka hit the spot, SO good!
Went to pick up mom from work, then headed back home.
chilled for a tiny bit, and then went to eastridge to get a new microwave since our old one doesn’t work anymore.
Stayed in the mall for a bit.
went to target to get construction paper and shampoo.
Took a shower.
Greatest timing to end my shower cause mulan started showing.
spent the rest of my night watching mulan and think like a man
Outfit of the day:- cool story bro crew neck- sweats- moccasins- straight hair- black beanie- bearpaws. 

December 28, 2012
363/366 - "shoo-pow"

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